Kajoli Kanthas

The Kajoli Kantha Project was started in May 2009 with the object of not only preserving the craft of kantha making, but also as a community-based initiative aimed toward helping the women of Kajoli village become more self-sufficient.

Traditionally kanthas were made using old and recycled sari material as an economical way of producing thick quilts in the cooler winter season. Still made in this tradition today, no two Kajoli Kanthas are ever the same. Sewn by hand by the women of Kajoli, a small rural village in the Magura District of southwest Bangladesh, Kajoli Kanthas are a beautiful way of supporting and preserving this traditional craft.

The Kajoli Kantha Project is a non-profit initiative. All money from the sale of Kanthas goes straight back to the women of Kajoli who make them.

Kajoli Kanthas are made out of 100% cotton fabric and can be machine washed and dried.

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