Kajoli Kanthas

Kajoli Kanthas are hand sewn quilts made from recycled sari material by a group of women in Kajoli village in rural Bangladesh.

For generations the women of Kajoli village have made kanthas this way out of necessity due to the unaffordable price of new cotton.

Traditionally these kanthas or quilts are made for family members as covers for the cooler winter months.

To make a kantha, two recyled saris are carefully chosen for the outside layers and three simpler saris are placed between them making five layers of material. The layers are then hand sewn together using very small stitches along the length of material forming a rippled, quilted effect.

Each Kajoli Kantha is unique and you will never find two kanthas the same.

A Kajoli Kantha is approximately 2 meteres wide and 2 1/2 meters long, but sizes can vary slightly. Childrens kanthas are approxmatley 1 meter wide and 1 1/2 long . A kantha can be machine washed at 40° and machine dried.

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